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Grooming, Washing and more…

Best Care Premium Dog Grooming Services at Odie’s

At Odie’s Grooming, our goal is to make every pet’s spa day as comfortable, safe, and fun as possible! We provide a cage free environment so your pet can shake off the nerves before their groom and be rewarded after with love and play time. 1 on 1 time with a professional groomer allows us to tailor your pups groom to their needs and create a bond that makes them feel like family, because that’s what they are!

Every groom will include a wellness check. Each groom is more than just a stylish look! We make sure your furry baby has healthy skin, a healthy coat, comfortable nail length, free from ear infections and more!

Our Services

Grooming, Washing and more…

  • Bath

  • Full Service Haircut

  • Dematting
  • Desheding
  • Ear Cleaning

  • Nail Trimming

  • Gland Expression

  • Teeth Brushing
  • Hollistic Pet Food
  • Toys and Accessories


A cleaning service that involves thoroughly washing and cleaning a dog’s fur and skin, often using specific pet shampoos and conditioners.

Full Service Haircut:

A comprehensive care service including brushing, bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression, designed to maintain the overall health and well-being of the pet.


A service focused on removing knots and tangles from the pet’s coat, often using specialized techniques and tools to untangle the fur without harming the skin.


It’s the process of removing excess hair from your pets undercoat.

Ear Cleaning:

A service involving the careful and safe cleaning of the pet’s ears to prevent the buildup of wax and potential ear infections.

Nail Trimming:

A service involving the cutting of the pet’s nails to maintain them at a safe and comfortable length, avoiding the risk of them becoming embedded in the paws or causing discomfort.

Gland Expression:

A service involving manually emptying the pet’s anal glands to prevent the buildup of secretions and potential health issues.

Teeth Brushing:

Regular brushing can prevent painful and expensive dental diseases in the future

Hollistic Pet Food:

Healthy pet food made of natural ingredients of human grade quality without byproducts or fillers made without chemical’s or additives.

Toys and Accessories:

Products such as interactive toys, fashion accessories, and other items that enhance the pet’s overall experience and well-being, providing entertainment and additional comfort.

7-Point Pet Care Check

Grooming, Washing and more…

Complete and Thorough Evaluation

Is a comprehensive examination service that covers the seven key areas of pet care, aimed at assessing their overall well-being and addressing potential health issues preventively. This check typically includes a detailed examination of the Skin & Coat, Ears, Eyes, Nose, Mouth & Teeth, Paw Pads, and Underside, as well as a general assessment of the pet’s physical and behavioral state. The service is designed to ensure that all the essential needs of the pet are met and to identify any potential issues that may require further medical attention.

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Grooming, Washing and more…

Odie’s Dog Grooming FAQ’s

Grooming, Washing and more…

Most dogs should be groomed every 2-7 weeks. The amount of grooming your dog needs really depends on your dog, and what you are hoping to achieve with their skin and coat health, maintaining shedding, and maintaining haircuts and matting. We are happy to talk to you about your dog’s needs at their next visit.

Congratulations on your new family member! Getting your puppy groomed at a young age will affect the way they experience grooming for the rest of their lives! We use positive reinforcement to train your puppy to love being groomed. This will be beneficial for your dog, your groomer, and it will make your life easier knowing your dog will be anxious free during their grooms.

We recommend that puppies have their first groom between 3-4 months old as long as their shots are up to date. If your puppy is having trouble learning about grooming, we may recommend more frequent visits until they feel comfortable at their visits. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE FOR THEIR FIRST GROOM. It is difficult to groom nervous 6+ month old puppies and it can cause them to have a negative experience due to anxiety. Having them groomed early really makes a big difference!

Prices can range anywhere from $50-$200 depending on dog breed, weight, coat type/condition, and what service you are looking to get for your furry friend. We provide baths, brushing, ear cleaning, nail clipping and filing, glands expression, teeth brushing and full-service haircuts for our longed haired pups.
For the most accurate quote, we ask to see your pup in person or if you are calling over the phone we ask for breed and weight. If you aren’t sure on weight and breed you can always send a picture to us! (As with all quotes, the price may change as a result of findings during the initial inspection/groom)

Cage free grooming includes no cage dryers or holding crates. Your pup will be dried by hand or air dried/towel dried for those pups anxious with the dryers.

Odie’s Grooming is 100% cage free! We offer 1 on 1 service with a professional pet stylist in a cage free, relaxing environment for your furry friend. To maintain our cage free facility safe, we do ask for all dogs to be fully vaccinated, on flea medication to avoid spreading, and no history of aggression of any kind. You may call if you have any specific questions specific to your dog!

The $25 dollar deposit we ask for is to secure your grooming appointment and to avoid no show incidents. The deposited amount that you pay when you schedule your appointment will go towards your total cost at the end of your pups pamper day. (Example: if the total of the groom is $75, the $25 deposit fee makes your total $50 the day of the groom).

If you cancel within 48 hours, your deposit fee can be transferred to reschedule a new appointment or a you will be given a refundable option. If a no show were to occur, the deposit fee is non -refundable

We do not use kennels which means that we have limited space. Late pick up charges will start 30 minutes after a ready text/call was made. After the hour mark, a fee of $5 dollars for every 15 minutes will be made. In order to avoid late pickup charges, please be sure to communicate with us if for any reason you think you won’t be able to pick up on time so we can accommodate your pup. You can also request a 15-30 minute text before your dog will be ready!

Our grooming schedule heavily relies on our dogs being dropped off on time. Dogs who are more than 10 minutes late may have to be rescheduled and charged the cancellation fee. Arriving 20+ minutes late will be considered a no show and the fee will apply. 

*There is no guarantee that we will be able to fit your dog in our schedule if there is late drop off. We would love to avoid this whenever possible and ask everyone kindly to arrive 5-10 minutes early for their pup’s spa days!)

It’s not expected but always appreciated. Our professional pet stylist takes their time to make your pups spa day as enjoyable, comfortable, and safe as possible, so it’s a nice way to say thank you for all their hard work! 

We do not take your dog out during their appointment. For safety reasons, we keep them inside at all times but not crated. Due to shared floor space, we kindly ask you to walk your pet before their groom.

Please let us know if you think or know your pup has fleas before bringing them into their groom. We do have a $25 flea fee that would be added to your service due to cost of flea shampoo, extra time for flea removal, and clean-up of the whole facility to make sure the fleas do not spread. We do ask that each pet is on flea and tick prevention before any service is done. We understand the circumstances that pets can still contract fleas even with prevention so we will try our best to assist your pup safely.